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Video display panels can contain a variety of artifacts, such Mura.  Hardcopy prints can contain artifacts too, such as banding, streaking, mottle, and other noises. When the artifacts are subtle, people may not be aware of their existence. However, when the contrast of the artifacts is large enough, such imaging products can be objectionable to consumers.  Our service can help you to develop computational tools to estimate image quality, the visibility of all kinds of artifacts, and the visibility for the difference between an rendered image and its aim image.  The developed tool can be used to optimize your printer design, to monitor the change of printer performance over time, and to screen the quality of display panels.

Key Benefits

  • Objective evaluation method based on average consumers' visual performance.
  • Efficient and automated evaluation process.
  • Streamlined processes to optimize the design of video screens and printers.


  •  Develop computational algorithms to calculate the visibility of image artifacts.
  •  Prototype evaluation tools.
  •  Conduct confirmation studies and tool refinements.