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Service Description

Imaging products are usually seen by human eyes. It will be advantageous to utilize human visual performance as a gauge in the design of imaging products. We provide consultation on human factors issues and visual performance in spatial, temporal, peripheral, color, and stereo vision, as well as on motion perception and eye movements.

The human visual system is remarkably well designed. Therefore its mechanisms can shade lights on how to design intelligent and adaptive image processing algorithms.  We can work with you to develop innovative solutions in your endeavors.  For example, we can use a model of human vision image processing to reduce the dynamic range of some images and thus to enhance the image appearance.

Key Benefits

  • Understand  visual performance of your customers.
  • Optimize the design of your imaging products.
  • Simulate human vision processes to help your products design.
  •  Provide consultation on visual perception, cognition, and human factors issues.
  •  Provide a variety of human visual performance data.
  •  Develop computational models of concerned visual processes.