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The measured (or default) gamma value of the display function is 2.2       page
Click to measure the gamma value.
Fig.1 A typical gamma curve, indicating the relationship between image code value and the luminance on a display screen.  Gamma curves are usually not the same for different computer displays,   and the appearance of a same image file will vary. We estimate the gamma value using a visual matching method with data points as plotted in red x. If the data points are away from the yellow curve, it indicates a large error in the estimation. In this case, you should not use the estimated gamma. Instead, you may enter a default gamma value here:
Fig. 2  A picture without gamma correction.
Fig. 3  After gamma correction to an aim  value of 2.2, if the measured gamma is available.
Click  to measure the gamma value.

Note: If the measured gamma is close to 2.2, the amont of correction will be small.
Aim  gamma value for most pictures is about 2.2. Perceptual image quality could be enhanced  by using other  gamma values.
Fig. 4  After appling a gamma value of 4. You can enter different gamma values and see the changes.