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Develop image compress algorithms based on the sensitivity of the human visual system that is adaptive in nature and changes with viewing environment.

The approach here is most valuable for transient images, where the images are viewed in a single viewing setting, such as picture phone and some mobile images.  In such a case, the useful image information to the end users depends on the given ambient luminance, display pixel size, display function, bit depth, etc.  It is likely that the communication bandwidth is wasted in transmitting image information that people cannot perceive under specific viewing environment in traditional methods. We will help you to optimize the compression schemes based on human visual performance.

Key Benefits

  • Higher compression rates for still images and videos without reducing perceived image quality.


  •  Develop computational models to specify visual performance change at a variety of view environments.
  •  Develop prototype vision-based image compression algorithms.
  •  Conduct competitive evaluation studies.