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The products here are mostly  free web tools that were developed under 2.0:
  1. TweakImage
    •  Tweak images and manipulate pictures on a web browser, without the need of installing or launching other image software.
    •  Current functions include load, display, rotate, remove, rectangular crop, change image contrast, and download images.
  2. Visual Display Calibration
    • The display functions or gamma curves can be different for different computer displays. As a consequence the look of a same picture file on one display can appear quite different from another display.
    • To provide a rough estimate of  the gamma value for your display using a visual matching method.
    • To check whether the display has a normal gamma value, which should be around 2.2.
    • To adjust the displayed images accordingly.
  3. Calculate the contrast threshold of a grating stimulus
    • Descriptive model equation based on implicit masking and optimized with chosen published experimental data set.
    • Estimate the contrast threshold at any point on the spatiotemporal surface.
    • Include the effects of the mean luminance and field size.