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Design Psychophysical Experiments: 

There are many experimental methods. In vision research community, stimulus threshold value is often the most important measure. In photographic imaging industry, it often measures the quantitative scales of some perceptual attributes of the images.  In medical image perception, the commonly used measure is the detectability index (d’) of the concerned disease targets. We can help you to design the experiments based on your needs, and take into considerations of how to make the tests less time consuming and make sure that the experimental results can be compared with the results obtained with other methods. Service options include stimulus preparation, video display calibration, and image processing.

Analyze and Model Experimental Results

This service includes applying mathematics, statistics, and signal detection theory to the analysis of experimental results, and using visual mechanisms and computational methods to provide plausible and coherent explanations of the experimental results.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient supporting service.
  •  Fit to short term and immediate needs.


  •  Design psychophysical experiments.
  •  Calibrate video displays.
  •  Prepare visual stimuli.
  •  Process images.
  •  Conduct literature search and write review articles in focused areas.
  •  Analyze and model experimental results.