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The services provided by AVRC are largely on the utilization of the knowledge of visual perception and cognition in the design of innovative imaging products.  The following is a list of service examples:

  1. General Human Vision Technology
    •  Provide consultation on visual perception, cognition, and human factors issues.
    •  Provide a variety of human visual performance data.
    •  Develop computational models of concerned visual processes.
  2. Medical Image Quality Evaluation
    •  Develop computational algorithms to simulate human visual  performance on specific evaluation tasks.
    •  Prototype evaluation tools.
    •  Conduct confirmation studies and tool refinements.
  3. Vision-based Image Compression
    •  Develop computational models to specify visual performance change at a variety of view environments.
    •  Develop prototype vision-based image compression algorithms.
    •  Conduct competitive evaluation studies.
  4. Image Quality Monitoring
    •  Develop computational algorithms to calculate the visibility of image artifacts.
    •  Prototype evaluation tools.
  5. Vision Research Supporting
    •  Design psychophysical experiments.
    •  Calibrate video displays.
    •  Prepare visual stimuli.
    •  Process images.
    •  Conduct literature search and write review articles in focused areas.
    •  Analyze and model experimental results.