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Jian Yang, PhD



University of Rochester – Rochester, New York   , 1991-1995
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Visual Science, Prof. Walt Makous' Lab
Northeastern University – Boston, Massachusetts, 1991
PhD, Experimental Psychology (visual perception)
Master of Arts Degree, Experimental Psychology (visual perception)
Shanghai Institute of Optics & Fine Mechanics – Shanghai, China, 1984
Master of Science Degree, Optics
Fudan University – Shanghai, China, 1982
Bachelor of Science Degree, Physics

Previous Work Experience

Eastman Kodak Company – Rochester, New York, 1998-2005
Principal Scientist, Research Labs
Initiated and managed research projects investigating applications of visual perception and cognition in imaging products design; designed and implemented research plans; identified future direction and presented results to decision-makers and at research conferences. 
University of Houston – Houston, Texas, 1995-1998
Research Associate, College of Optometry, Prof. Scott Stevenson's Lab and Prof. Harlod Bedell's Lab
Designed and conducted psychophysical experiments on stereopsis, eye movement, motion perception and light adaptation. Created spatially and temporally varying patterns on video displays to run experiments.
Researched spatial, temporal and color vision via psychophysical experiments and computational models.
Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts, 1987-1991
Research/Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, Prof. Adam Reeves' Lab         
Conducted visual perception and cognition experiments.
Schepens Eye Research Institute - Boston, Massachusetts,    1989-1990
Research Assistant,  Prof. Eli Peli's Lab
Conducted psychophysical experiments and vision-based image processing.

Technical Competences

Visual Perception: Psychophysical Experimental Design; Vision Science; Color Science; Human Visual Performance; Computational Modeling.
Image Technology: Image Quality;  Medical Image Perception; Vision-based Image Enhancement; Video Display Calibration; Immersive Imaging;  Foveated, Transient, Thumbnail, and Stereo Images. 
Scientific Areas: Optics; Physics; Mathematics; Statistics; Signal Detection Theory; ROC analysis; Fourier Analysis.
Computer Programming:   Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD);;;; SQL Server; XML Web Services; Matlab; C++.

Professional Activities

  •  Presented research results at various conferences.
  •  Co-authored over 30 scientific papers.
  •  Reviewed articles for many journals.
  •  Served as a guest editor for Spatial Vision.
  •  Served as an external member of Lester Loschky's PhD dissertation committee, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.